Focus On Your Practice, Not Billing

Why Use A Medical Billing Service?

  • It's A Relief for Doctors and Staff
Increase Net Income

  • It's Profitable
Reduce Overhead and Save Money

  • Reduce overhead and postage expense


“As a practice consultant for 35 years, I’ve only found one billing service I can recommend. while there are many other companies attempting to provide these services, my clients and I have found them to be woefully inadequate or incompetent. The only billing service I recommend is through PSMBS!”

Dr. Peter Fernandez

“Greg Barnes was introduced to me by a fellow chiropractor over 15 years ago. In the following years, a number of additional clients began to use his services and the feedback was more than positive. After receiving numerous phone calls and additional recommendations about Greg’s services, our organization decided to endorse Greg and his team for other clients. For the past six years, I now have my own coaching company and Greg is my only recommendation for billing services. The reason for this is I have received “zero” complaints from my clients about his services, collection ratio and expertise. That’s a pretty good combination of reasons to hire and stay with Greg”

Alan Rousso, DC, PC

“Many of my clients use this service and swear by it and its results. They collect and get it done!”

Jay Morgan, DC

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"Meeting the challenges of an ever-changing healthcare environment."

We Serve A Range of Medical Practices


We provide a high reliable level of care and service at an affordable rate. You have an experienced billing specialist to answer questions and to make suggestions on modifiers and other coding questions.

Physical Therapists

We are 100% focused on your account, not interrupted by doctors, staff or patients. Therefore we can accomplish more in less time and be more efficient, which results in higher collections.

Integrated Practices

We stay focused on getting you paid and getting your billing out in a timely fashion. That is our only focus.
Insurance money collected correctly and timely.